Butterflies and family times

I firmly believe Sunday is a day for family. So not to break with tradition, we headed over to my other cousin’s house for a family dinner, stopping by the Butterfly Pavilion in the outskirts of Denver.

With my cousin and her 19 month old daughter, we spent a wonderful hour wandering round the indoor tropical rainforest which houses so many pretty butterflies from all over the world. There is a myriad of different plants, even a coffee plant – the type Starbucks use to make their coffee. The variety and warmth makes a great home for these beautiful butterflies, who flit happily from plant to plant, flower to flower. Some people were lucky enough to have them land on them, their faces alight with glee. It’s a photographers paradise, much like the rest of Colorado, and I could have spent all day taking pictures of them.


Definitely aimed at children, but just as much fun for adults, there is also insects, a mini aquarium with fish like Nemo and starfish you can touch, as well as an outdoor garden area.


After, my sister, cousins and the rest of our family sat down to a delicious home cooked dinner in the kitchen, which over looks the garden, park and Rocky Mountains. This is what Sundays were made for!

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