Loveland Pass and tornados!

My cousin and I headed to Loveland Pass in Summit County for a morning trek. With fresh snow overnight, we weren’t sure how far we would be able to go but we were pleased to see other early risers had already carved a path up the mountain for us. From 11,990ft at Loveland Pass, we trekked up towards Grizzly Peak through a mix of mud, streams from melting snow and several inches of glistening white stuff.

The thin air left me panting for breath – worse than a dog on a hot weekend but it was well worth it! We reached about 13,000ft to see spectacular panoramic views of the snow-capped mountains, Torreys Peak on one side and the Gore Range on the other. Clouds in the blue sky casting beautiful, ever-changing shadows over the mountain ranges. The Rocky Mountains have to be the highlight of life in Colorado!


The excitement was not over for the day – sitting in the garden in the evening with my sister at my cousin’s house in Denver, we heard emergency sirens. Our family came out to tell us that these were actually tornado sirens! I’ve never experienced this in my life – I was immediately excited and rather than take shelter (as advised), I looked to the sky and took photos of the burgeoning tornado gathering momentum overhead. The rain came and wind picked up so eventually we retreated down to the basement, watching the storm unfold across Denver and surrounding areas on TV. Denver has on average 300 days of sun a year, so I guess this is something akin to monsoon season!



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