Denver Art Museum and ViewHouse rooftop bar

Denver Art Museum (DAM) is a must for anyone visiting Denver – and probably one of my favourite attractions. Split across two buildings linked by a walkway, there are seven floors of spectacular artworks to behold. I spent four hours wandering around the DAM and it was not long enough!

I was excited to visit the Modern Masters: 20th Century Icons exhibition which featured over 70 artworks and 40 artists from the late 1800s to mid 20th century. The exhibition was organised by art movement, from Impressionists to Pop Artists. Highlights for me included works by Van Gogh, Picasso, Dali, Warhol and Lichtenstein! Nothing beats being able to see the originals up close and personal, an inch from the canvas examining the brush strokes.

Tickets to this exhibition also include entry to the Clyfford Still Museum‘s 1959: The Albright-Knox Art Gallery Exhibition Recreated. This was a landmark exhibition and the largest of Still’s career – it’s criminal but I was running late so whipped round the CSM, just behind the DAM, in about 15 minutes!

I had loads of fun exploring the DAM; making my own Western postcards using stamps, looking at the Rebranded: Polish Film Posters for the American Western exhibition, enjoying the Material World exhibit consisting of a multitude of different fibres in many inspired applications and admiring works by other great artists including De Kooning and Stashkevetch – who creates the most amazingly detailed drawings so skilfully using only crayon.

The other major highlight of my visit to DAM was the Drawn to Action: Posters from the AIGA Design Archives space. I just loved the intelligent use of materials and marks, cleverly designed to communicate a message through the medium, supporting the written statement.

The views from the top floor of DAM were spectacular, where you could see the gold-topped State Capitol building and Civic Center Park looking gorgeous in the sun.

That evening was spent on the roof of ViewHouse on 20th, cocktails in hand, enjoying the view of Coors Field directly behind and the Rocky Mountains on the horizon. Rooftop bars mean summer has arrived!

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