Unusual bar in Denver: Mario’s Double Daughter’s Salotto

I love a quirky and unusual venue, so we checked out Mario’s Double Daughter’s Salotto, conveniently located on Market Street just off 16th Street Mall in Denver.

Barman Scottie explained the decor was based on the concept of “Tim Burton’s head exploding” and with this eclectic collection of articles we could believe it!

The brick walls were covered in glitter infused black paint, entangled trees made of metal and black cloth clinging to the walls, contrasting dramatically with a flock of pure white birds suspended from the ceiling. The red leather circus tent-like seating, mirrors, a collection of curiosities behind the bar and a banister consisting of axes only added to the dark drama. An other-world experience for sure!


The music appeared to be having an epileptic fit, from 90s rock hits, bizarre pop remixes to things I’m sure didn’t even make the charts but that was part of the charm! We went during happy hour for cocktails and tucked into a pizza, cooked fresh next door. We were intrigued, but not tempted, by their ‘ridiculously potent juice’ made of 17 different types of booze – it was only 7pm after all…



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