Unusual bars in Denver: Adrift Tiki and Beatrice & Woodsley

Looking for something different, we headed to South Broadway and hit happy hour at Adrift Tiki Bar. Inspired by the Hawaiian Islands and Tiki culture, this themed bar served up top notch cocktails. If you like rum, you must visit!

The decor was great fun; big wooden totem poles, palm trees, fishing tools, bamboo covered walls, murals and even blowfish light shades!

Afterwards, we walked a few minutes down the road to Beatrice and Woodsley. When we entered, it was like stepping into a relaxed, luxurious Aspen retreat, with lanterns casting warm glows across the venue. Bare wooden flooring, birch trees throughout, organically carved tables and benches, complimented with soft fabrics and neutral leather seats, which enhanced the natural feel and overall ambience.

A place with an upmarket vibe,
the selection of drinks were delicious and although we didn’t eat, the menu looked divine. Probably my favourite bar so far!


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