Denver Chalk Art Festival and The Cheesecake Factory

Blisteringly hot, the weekend-long street painting festival was held in downtown Denver on historic Larimer Square.


It’s difficult to describe the amazing colour splash and creativity you’ll find at Denver Chalk Art Festival – you simply have to see it with your own eyes.


In addition to the vibrant artworks over several streets and very talented Featured Artists, there was live music, food stalls, local brews, country lemonade and smoothies on sale. It was jam-packed but so, so good – I can see exactly why the event is so popular!


We finished off the second day with a dinner at The Cheesecake Factory on 16th Street mall, which just has to be done when you’re in America! There was so much choice on their menu I had a hard time choosing, the portions were big and everything was delicious. I was gutted that I couldn’t actually manage a slice of cheesecake for dessert, especially as there were two whole pages of choices!!


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