Denver Zoo and dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings

I went to Denver Zoo with my cousin and 19 month old daughter. Set in lovely grounds which also houses the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, it is surrounded by City Park and two lakes.

It’s a fabulous time of year to go to the zoo because there are so many cute baby animals to see! The most adorable by far were the soft furry Clouded Leopard Cubs, draped over small branches snoozing and sighing, eyes tight shut.

The giraffes were a real hit with my cousins daughter; she smiled, pointed and chatted away happily – mother and baby giraffe came even closer, as if they were looking at her. Such beautiful, elegant creatures.

The male lion came right up to the glass in his rock enclosed space, just inches from us, delighting everyone except a baby who cried in fear – not realising there was glass protecting us, poor thing.

I loved seeing all the animals especially the Lions, Zebras, Elephants, Gorillas, Polar Bear and symbol of America – the Bald Eagle!

Although it would always be preferable to see animals in the wild, there are many exceptions to this rule. For instance, Denver Zoo houses and breeds the last US Wild Horse species, preserving them from extinction.

The animal enclosures and landscaping of this zoo are far better than London Zoo, which is heavily concreted. I liked that there were volunteers on hand near the enclosures who imparted lots of interesting information about the animals – they really loved the zoo and their enthusiasm was infectious.

Visiting early on a cloudy morning was perfect, because it would have been too hot to enjoy fully otherwise. With animal displays, ample seating, cafés and other entertainment including a beautiful wooden animal carousel, Denver Zoo makes a great day out!

For dinner we went to Buffalo Wild Wings which offers wings(!), beer and live sport – the walls are literally covered in TV screens!

We opted for wedges and boneless wings, the Parmesan Garlic sauce was recommended by friends and I’d recommend it to everyone else too. It’s delicious! The menu here has far more sauce choices than somewhere like Nandos – check it out!



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