Unusual bar in Denver: Williams and Graham

On the corner of Tejon Street stands a small, unassuming entrance to a what appears to be a tiny bookstore. Step inside and you might see the corner of the bookcase slightly ajar…

You enter the Williams and Graham speakeasy via a door in the bookcase and are transported back in time to a dimly lit prohibition era bar from the 1920’s. It’s intimate, magical, serves magnificent drinks and I love whiling away an hour or two in here.

With wooden panelling, another book case, leather booths, a neat cubby hole, rich coloured walls and ceiling and old fashioned lamps casting a warm glow any seat in the house is thoroughly enjoyable.

We were lucky enough to get a seat at the bar, where we saw the art of bar tending and mixology in full swing. Service is fantastic, with my sister’s vague requests for sweet off-menu cocktails embraced and courteous, smiling staff where nothing seemed too much trouble.

The bar is stocked to the rafters with every kind of alcohol imaginable. Giant ice cubes filled whiskey glasses, carved like rough crystals from 300lb blocks of ice. The Don Julio 1942 was thoroughly enjoyed by my sister’s boyfriend – it smelt and tasted like no tequila I have ever tried before – not that I’m a tequila connoisseur or anything!

Despite it’s entrance flying under the radar it’s very popular. Weekends are almost a no-go so head there during the week for the best chance of getting in.


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