Fun and Frisco fog

We hopped aboard the famous cable car to go uphill, this time not making the same tourist mistake! Whilst waiting for a bus up Telegraph Hill, we took in Washington Square – a small, calm park with a firefighter monument and a gorgeous white brick church.

At the top of winding Telegraph Hill stands Coit Tower, designed to replicate a fire hose with stunning views from the observation deck across the city and San Francisco bay. Gifted by an eccentric old American lady who loved the Fire Department, there are also a whole bunch of murals at the bottom of the tower. There was such a long wait that we didn’t get to go up, but could see some areas through the trees from the base as we sat basking in the sun.

Next we went to see the ‘crookedest street in the world’ which is a one block section of Lombard Street, with eight hairpin turns! It was constantly busy the whole time we were there, cars inching down the hill so slowly. Another tourist attraction we can tick off the list!

Running short of time, we dashed (as quickly as possible on public transport) across town to the Golden Gate Bridge. By now, the fog had enveloped most of the bridge and the wind was freezing but it was still a stunning masterpiece to see, and I had fun trying to take some nice shots (not on my iPhone) of the bridge. We ended up seeking cover from the wind in the gift shop, hankering after big soft souvenir blankets in the bridge’s International Orange colour!

For our last evening we went to Ghirardelli Square for a wander round the boutique shops and a walk down the front, past the beach and an art gallery, to Fisherman’s Wharf. The upper floor of Ghirardelli Square’s pretty plaza had a lovely chocolate scent in the air – it was just divine!

We had dinner with a view overlooking the wharf in Applebee’s. Despite seeing this chain all over the place, I’d never actually eaten in one before! The service wasn’t great, but the food was lovely and very reasonable.

We had our final trip on the cable car from the start right back to Powell station. I loved creaking, clanking and whirring up and down San Francisco’s hills!

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