Santa Monica to San Diego

A beautiful day, we made the most of the sun by going for brunch with at Venice Ale House on Venice Beach boardwalk before moving on south. Sat outside in the sunshine, we ate good food whilst drinking delicious pink lemonade and hibiscus iced tea, getting a tan and watching the ‘unique’ individuals walk by.
On our route south, we stopped at Huntington Beach and got completely windswept! All the beaches on our road trip have been beautiful, with many palm trees lining the route.
There is a tonne of shops lining Route 1 all the way down – we’ve seen so many Mexican places (and eaten enough of the food) we would be happy not to see another taco or burrito on this trip!

Back in the car, we drove through clean-looking Newport, arts community of Laguna and past a naval base. Ahoy sailors! We stayed on the I5 into San Diego as the days’ light was dimming.

In La Jolla, the sun was setting over the ocean as we walked along the coastal path, watching waves batter the rocks and sea lions on the aptly named Children’s Pool beach. With a warm sea breeze, lovely town and natural beauty in abundance, La Jolla is another place we could have stayed longer!
Arriving in San Diego, we met our friend and his mates, going for drinks in Henry’s Pub, The Tipsy Crow and Star Bar. Each with their own unique appeal, the Gaslamp Quarter is full of bars, clubs and restaurants. It’s lively, fun and exciting with something for every taste.


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