lake victoria sunset

To Lake Victoria

A driving day, but passing scenery from The Lion King and ending in a beach sunset made it worth it!

Kisii is mainly an agricultural town, home to lots of forests with eucalyptus trees imported from South Africa or Australia – Kisii people are some of the best at environmental conservation. We stopped briefly to stock up on supplies and change the knackered brakes on our truck – better now than later!

We drove onward for about two hours to the Kenya-Tanzania border. Although an easy process, we must have been there over two hours in the end, going through on foot ourselves to pay the $50 visa charge then waiting for the truck to come through.

Our guide told us Tanzania is over four times the size of Kenya, with a population of 41mn and a men to women ratio of 1:5. We were also told that the large boulders/rocks featured in The Lion King were actually in Tanzania, not Kenya – and we were driving past them right now! It certainly looked like the film set, so big on the landscape they looked like they were from thousands of years ago. Past dramatic granite landscapes and along the edge of Lake Victoria, we arrived in the fishing town of Musoma.

At Tembo Beach Hotel it was only $15 each to share a room so over half of our group chose this option. Set on the bank of the biggest lake in Africa, Lake Victoria was a lovely place to spend the night.

lake victoria beach

I sat watching herons hunt from a wooden post at the waters edge, enjoying the slower pace.

lake victoria

Later, we sat on the beach drinking mojito cocktail mix and wine, taking pictures of the sun setting over the lake. It’s so big it had small waves breaking on the sandy shore. Although not safe to swim in, with the palm trees on the sandy beach it’s a lush place to sit and relax.

Lake Victoria sunset

Our chef cooked us a local fish, Tilapia, for dinner. It’s really fleshy with only the backbone so no sneaky little fish bones to avoid! Afterwards it was time to sit in the bar and wind down, watching another World Cup match.


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