Matemwe back to Dar es Salaam

Sat on the beach waiting for sunrise in the warm air, I watched the locals already far out to sea in the low tide, fishing. It was cloudy but still incredibly pretty and I had the rest of the day to chill out.

Matemwe doesn’t have a touristy feel to it and with only one water sports provider, it is definitely meant for relaxing on a sun lounger. After a day of doing nothing I was bored and ready to get back!

The next morning, five of us jammed into a four seater cab for an hour back over to Stone Town, where we called into the Zanzibar Coffee House for a last black spiced coffee and one (or two) of their delectable pastries. They are recommended: ‘Holy shit pipes it’s good!’ exclaimed one of our group.

We travelled with the rest of our safari group back to the lovely beachside camp in Dar es Salaam. I was delighted to spend another night at Kipepeo Beach, hopping straight back into my bikini to make the most of the pristine white sands and go for one last dip in the sea, still a perfect temperature even in the late afternoon. A perfect end to our Zanzibar excursion!


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