Chipata to Lusaka

Driving away from the sunrise, I’ll never get over how beautiful all the colours are – I can’t remember a UK sunrise being this spectacular. This is one thing that makes getting up early and eating breakfast in the dark, stumbling over uneven ground, worth it.

As we drove it struck me that where the other countries have had Coke emblazoned all over their stores and available to buy, Zambia is quite different and seems to stock mostly only Pepsi. In Zambia, I’ve noticed black pigs kept by families, not so many of the goats I was used to seeing elsewhere.

Approaching the outskirts of Lusaka, the capital, there was more traffic and it was definitely better off area. I saw an led sign saying ‘tired of dirty, smelly portaloos’ – in honestly if I had seen portaloos on this trip I would be very happy! Bush toilets have been my friend.

We pulled into a mall for supplies, which was  laid out much like an American out of town shopping mall. There was a Woolworths, KFC and… Nandos!! I knew Nandos was international, but I hadn’t expected to see one of my favourite restaurants in Africa.

Eureka Camp was only a few minutes from the town, set back from the road. Zebras were right at the gate and when I headed to the shower later, they were munching grass just behind our little A-frame chalet! As they are wild animals we wondered how they would react to us, but when someone walked past one of Zebras jumped back, frit.

zebras at eureka camp

After dinner and an hour in the bar, I went to the chalet and dug out trainers, socks and a long sleeve shirt – it’s gotten way too cold for sandals!


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