victoria falls from above microlight flight

Victoria Falls in Zambia

We covered the 450km to Livingstone by early afternoon, so a small group of us took a cab to Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park to see Victoria Falls from the Zambian side. My heart soared as I caught my first glimpse of the falls; truly deserving its status as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. ‘The smoke that thunders’ indeed!

Victoria Falls

We took photos at every viewpoint, crossing the Knife Edge Bridge complete with rainbows and an incredible amount of ‘mist’ which was actually a full on shower. I didn’t have a poncho or raincoat and got absolutely soaked, but I loved every second!

victoria falls

victoria falls

At the end of the trail we saw the Victoria Falls Bridge before leaving the park and going straight to Livingstone Adventures for a microlight flight over the falls. What an epic afternoon!

Victoria Falls Bridge

A new experience for me, I was  surprised how open it was – just a seat and a lap belt, plus headphones and a helmet. Whizzing down the runway, the micro light felt (and looked) really flimsy and when we first took off. I thought the winds were quite strong (but apparently it was a good day) and the microlight shuddered a little, rocking slightly. The falls were north east of us and as we swung round towards them the ride got smoother and I was told we were doing 50mph! Although it was difficult to judge speed as the terrain moved under us, the battering from the wind certainly made me believe it.

above victoria falls

The falls from a birds eye view are absolutely out of this world – spectacular does not begin to describe it. I’m sure the flight was longer than the 15 minutes promised, and the pilot pointed out the gorge, bridge, devils pool, other resorts and crocs, hippos basking in the water and elephants grazing on the islands. Never having seen the falls or been on a microlight before, it was a two in one experience for me and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it or do it again.

above victoria falls

The evening was spent eating dinner at the Bush Front Lodge and Campsite, then sitting in the big, cosy bar with an abundance of sofas and wooden décor. I had a room for the night, but unfortunately for me it was very cold and had more mosquitos in than I’ve seen on the entire safari! I went on a killing spree with a can of bug spray which came with the room, and was a little paranoid – triple checking there were no mossies under the mosquito net over my bed!

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