Zambezi river at sunset

Chobe to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

A couple of Buffalo watched over proceedings as we ate breakfast and packed up our bush camp. Game driving through Chobe National Park, it was a cold and quiet morning with not many animals out. I think we were spoilt earlier in the trip, but we still saw 3 of the Big 5. In the distance, high in a tree eating his breakfast, was a Leopard. How the other safari truck spotted him I will never know!

leopard in a tree eating an animal

Re-joining our overland truck at the main campsite outside of the park, we headed to the Botswana-Zimbabwe border. Once in Zimbabwe, the road took us through an area of Victoria Falls National Park and we stopped abruptly – there were three lions! We hadn’t seen any all morning in Chobe then here were three, moving around in the bushes at the roadside!

lion in the bushes

Delighted, we carried on to Victoria Falls town and booked our activities for the next two days with Wild Horizons and Shearwater. We wandered into The Kingdom, a resort complex with casino for lunch at Mexican themed Spur Steak Ranch. It’s so long since I’ve had a nice piece of meat, let alone a tasty steak!

interior of spur steak ranch

Victoria Falls Rest Camp was ideally located at the end of the town; walking distance from the markets, activity specialists, restaurants, bars and supermarkets. Picked up from the camp, my first excursion was a sunset cruise on the Zambezi river, which I got cheaply as part of a package.

We cruised serenely down the river towards the falls, making the most of the free drinks on offer and watching the Crocs, Elephants and yawning Hippos.

hippos yawning

We could see the edge of the falls in the distance past the many islands, mist rising up with the beginnings of a rainbow – just beautiful.

victoria falls spray and rainbow

We turned around facing the burgeoning sundown, heading straight into the ever-changing skyline, the burning amber disc of the sun disappearing beneath the horizon line.

Zambezi river at sunset

What I really love about Africa is that the sunsets are long-lasting and consistently beautiful whichever stage you see. Even after the sun has gone, the sky still has a mix of pale pinks, milky oranges, a lavender purple colour and soft blues. Such a lovely end to a long day.

Zambezi river at sunset


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