positivity challenge

Day 1 Positivity Challenge

A friend on Facebook nominated me to do the positivity challenge, so each day for a week I’ll post three positive statements about my day. This is one Facebook round robin I’m happy to do, because I know a positive mental attitude is proven to benefit quality of life, health and everything in between.

It’s easy to get caught up in everyday, existing without stopping to appreciate the good things or taking a moment to be thankful. For every small thing we have, there is somebody somewhere who goes without – we are the lucky ones.

In shifting my attention to the positives and being grateful for the things I have and hold dear, my glass will be half full. Because what you see depends mainly on what you look for…

Day 1 positives

1. The arrival of a soon to be family member from the USA!

2. The sight of my sister smiling, twirling round on the spot, trying on the beautiful white dress I bought her for her special day.

3. Roast dinner with the family – and it’s not even a Sunday!


I found these Positive Quotes really inspiring.


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