positivity challenge

Day 5 Positivity Challenge

Not to be defeated by Hurricane Bertha, today was another good day! Mostly food based – I’m starting to see a pattern here…

Day 5 positives

1. I went for a fry-up breakfast buffet with my family at Toby Carvery for a bargainous £3.99 each! Just the thing to start a weekend morning with.

2. I swear I’ve packed less than 8kgs in total for Sweden… Clearly backpacking in Africa for a month has paid off! Staying at my friend’s ready for our early hours trip to Stansted airport, I’m looking forward to our glass of wine and sleepover – even though I’m probably too old to use the term ‘sleepover!’

3. Today is Sunday, which means roast dinner in my house! A delicious joint of roast beef with all the trimmings, enjoyed by all of us. My Dad said having the whole family together around the dinner table is his favourite part of the day. And tonight, it was the last night for at least a year that we will have the same family members around the table.


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