positivity challenge

Day 7 Positivity Challenge

The last day of my week long positivity challenge was perhaps my most relaxed. Much needed, it was a chance to stop for a while and take stock.

Day 7 positives

1. Sat on the verandah of my friend’s beautiful house, we chatted about anything, everything and just generally had a good ‘ole catch up! I’ve missed one of my best buddies.

2. The natural beauty of Sweden always fills me with joy, whatever time of year it is. Watching the world (or flocks of Geese) go by from the verandah, late afternoon we trampled through the long grass of an overgrown field to the local shop, next to a pretty lake. With almost child-like delight, I look forward to seeing giant marshmallows, fluffybottoms, Christmas trees and chocolate moose over the coming days!

3. Inside in the warmth away from the evening chill, I finally made time to watch Disney’s Frozen movie and tucked into delicious homemade lasagne followed (naturally) by Swedish chocolate. Home comforts are so much nicer appreciated.

Over the last week I have celebrated family, friends, food, days out, the happiness and kindness of others, opportunities and nature. By consciously appreciating the little things, the not so little things and what I’m lucky to have, I feel a much richer person. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and with a little nurture, happiness can be found anywhere. Because what you see depends mainly on what you look for.

On a final note, I read a great article on the three types of appreciation where the author is looking for contributors, if you’d like to take your own positivity challenge further.


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