Gothenburg canal

A day in Gothenburg

Landing in Sweden’s Göteborg airport, I spent a full day enjoying Gothenburg city.

Gothenburg Poseidon fountain

Starting at Götaplatsen square, one of the city’s most famous landmarks; the Poseidon fountain, is flanked by the City Theatre, Concert Hall and Museum of Art.

Gothenburg Museum of Art

I went into the Göteborgs Konstmuseum (Gothenburg Museum of Art) to see the temporary ‘Friction of Ideas: Van Gogh, Gauguin and Bernard’ exhibition, which through key artworks explains the relationship and exchange of thoughts and ideas between the three artists, and the impact of these on their creative expression. It ended in Van Gogh producing expressionistic paintings but staying true to what he could see, Bernard exploring symbolism and Gauguin’s work becoming more dreamlike. I’m a big fan of Van Gogh; nothing beats seeing the texture, brushstrokes and colour of the paint on the canvas for me.

Whilst there, I went into the other galleries which houses sculpture, work by Nordic artists such as Anders Zorn, as well as international masterpieces – artworks by Chagall, Monet, and Picasso captivated me. I really enjoyed my visit!

Gothenburg Museum of Art paintings

Walking down Avenyn, the main boulevard lined with shops, cafes and restaurants, I stopped for ice cream by Bältesspännarparken near the Kungsportsbron bridge.

Gothenburg city

After watching the world go by in the sun, we hopped on board a Paddan boat for a tour of the canal and harbour. We passed under 20 bridges in all and were told the water levels were exceptionally high, so going under the second lowest bridge in the city, Osthyveln (‘cheese slicer’), had us all crouched on the floor of the boat!

Gothenburg low bridge

The guide was great, pointing out all the sights including the last remaining piece of the city wall, the round building built as a hospital but (fortunately due to its circular shape) never used as one and the fish church, which is nothing to do with church and is actually a restaurant said to serve the best fish in the city.

Gothenburg building Gothenburg Fish Church

Once in the harbour we saw Gothenburg’s highest tower at 80ft, and the shipbuilding docks and repairing facility which are sadly due to close and be redeveloped, incorporating a tall skyscraper.

Gothenburg Harbour

There are numerous naval boats and other ships, including one bought by the city which is permanently moored since a new harbour bridge was built, unfortunately too low to fit the boat underneath!

Gothenburg tall ship

Sailor’s Tower has fantastic views over the city, the lady atop is looking out to sea pining after her loved one but local rumour has she has a lover inland, as she’s not actually facing out to sea at all…

Very pretty and with lots to see and do, I was spoilt for choice and could have spent far longer enjoying the cultural aspects of the city. A day at the fabulous-looking Liseburg Amusement Park wouldn’t go amiss either!

A tip: If you are going for intensive sightseeing and activities, see if it works out cheaper to buy a Göteborg city card which covers all the main attractions and more.



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