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Blogging101: Why ‘Let The Stars Out?’

Tasked with editing my title and tagline for the WordPress Blogging101 course, looking at it from a viewer’s perspective, it does need a little explanation…

My title, ‘Let The Stars Out,’ is ambiguous – I could be writing about anything under the sun (or stars..) which is why I’ve always had a few descriptive words in the tagline so that at a glance, it’s more obvious what I am blogging about. My view has been compounded by seeing some of my favourite bloggers do just that. I’m quite sure I want my URL to be the same as my title; it makes it clearer and will avoid any confusion if I later decide to move this blog to a dedicated .com!

I was once told I wrote the most beautiful, all out there emails, where I really ‘let all [my] stars out,’ followed by the astute observation that it was exactly what I was working towards in life. When I came to create my blog these words seemed to capture all my transient passing thoughts, passions and sources of inspiration that I hoped to write about, under one positive umbrella. And then there’s me. I want to be better, enjoy the journey, share the good stuff and so the name fits nicely. I wrote a little Introduction yesterday on me and the purpose of my blog.


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