Blogging101 about me

Blogging101: Who I am and why I’m here

Hello! I’m a 20-something West Londoner, and lover of anything creative, getting out and about, new experiences and learning new things. And a quick disclaimer: I attempt my own photography!!

Blog topics
Today’s Blogging 101 assignment questions are something I have struggled with for a long time, not least because I wanted to write a blog way before I could even think of what to write about!

When I decided to go travelling, the perfect opportunity presented itself; I would write about my adventures. Now the travels are over, I’d love to share my interests, stories and the things I do, see and experience with everyone. There will be art, days out, trips to London, nature, challenges, holidays, cool bars and restaurants, my thoughts and reflections on life – in fact anything I think is worthy of putting fingers to keypad!

I hope that people will find it useful, interesting, informative and I hope to be able to help out in some small way – like inspiration for a trip!

Why blog not journal?
Originally I blogged so that friends and family could see what I was getting up to, but writing for an audience means you write in a less introverted style than if it were a personal journal. I realised that because of this, I was reflecting on my experiences and distilling my thoughts in a way I wouldn’t have done otherwise, which I’ve found really useful.

Blog aim
I’ve always enjoyed writing, and at school I had a tough time picking between an English or Arts degree – fortunately my career has meant I have been able to do both to some extent, but I’m hoping that taking part in the Blogging U courses will help me become a better, stronger writer.

I’d like to connect with like-minded people and hopefully, in a year, my blog will have helped me get there. I’d also like to have a regular audience; a little community, and (rather idealistically of me) if my blog helps me get new work then wonderful!


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